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Following Our Journey

Life has a way of turning the challenging and unknown into “Dreams do come true.”

A young Adriana posing for a photo in the 1980's.

At age 14, I worked at the Girls Club, learning how to cook bread in the oven from scratch. I did not have any interest in becoming a creator in the kitchen and did not want to be teaching 7-year-olds how to bake without burning themselves! Looking back at my young and bossy self, I was helping my mom to pay for my school clothes; I wasn’t thinking too far into the future. Fast forward to turning 50; baking bread and cooking, in general, has become my biggest passion - this wasn’t supposed to be my journey, or was it?

I believe there is a reason for everything in life; the people you meet along the way, the people who believe in you, the people who saw something in you that you couldn't puzzle piece together quite yet. Some early in life and some later. I never saw a future where something other than driving up to my assigned parking spot at a corporate job (that I hated) was possible. The decision to transition into the world of gourmet catering changed my life forever and for the better. These days I am as excited for the future as ever and cannot wait to see where Adriana's Cocina will take me.

Catering any event means we get to be part of one of the most memorable days for our clients. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a sentimental wedding, we get to witness the love people share in so many different ways. From a daughter and father dance to stories about how two people fell in love; we even get to cry happy tears from time to time. We believe that friendships and business relationships are based on trust, and we cannot thank you enough for trusting us with such an integral part of a perfect celebration. We hope our food brings you as much joy as being a part of your event brings us!

Did you know that 50% of our bookings are based solely on our client's reviews and the first consultation call?

Adriana’s Cocina is not just a caterer; we are lucky to become family to many of our clients. You can count on us to deliver what is promised and that is why our journey is never just about us, it's about you! Giving back to every person and family that books with us in the best way we know how to, with delicious food and impeccable service.

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Terri Cortez Newman
Terri Cortez Newman
25 มี.ค. 2565

I love this story of you being a little girl baking bread not knowing then what your future would have in store. I have been one of your closest friends for years and I never knew this would be your calling. I remember you always being that friend that liked to host parties and have first hand got to see you put together beautiful gatherings for family and friends. I remember us having a girls night out for dinner when you shared your thoughts with us about taking a leap of faith and starting your own catering business. I remember being excited, nervous and scared for you. It takes a very brave person to jump into the unknown but I…

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