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Merry Christmas From Adriana's cocina 🎄

Feliz Navidad Amistades, ( Merry Christmas Friends)

Our first Christmas with the opening of Adriana's Cocina and we are grateful for you!

We take a family vacation instead of gifts every year to create memories with our kids and grandkids. If you don't know we are a blended family of 12. This year we are headed to Scottsdale, Arizona, and we are looking forward to attending a Christmas Dinner at the Resort, an Enchanted Christmas Celebration Downtown, Breakfast on the patio, and just sleeping in and decompressing.  

Life is unpredictable and ever-changing, so I am trying to focus on the now instead of the future. Christmas is a joyous time, but can also add so much stress to families. We grew up with few gifts, and my grandma used to send us $1 in a card written out and we couldn't wait for her card yearly to buy an ice cream cone. We never grew up with the finer things in life and as times have changed we realize that our kids and grandkids feel the pressure. 

We hope that we can try our best to get back to basics, get back to the simple things, conversation, laughter, togetherness, and not focus on comparing.

I remember always wishing and praying for the things I have now, but the best memories are at my grandma's house waiting until midnight to open our gifts, hanging out with my cousins, drinking hot chocolate, and playing outdoors. My dad would always put music on and make us breakfast, we would go camping, fishing, BBQ, and just hang out. Those were the best times. 

This year has been the most challenging and most rewarding, owning my very first restaurant hasn't come easy, but I am learning so much about myself and others.  I appreciate every person, couple, and family, that has celebrated their Birthday, Anniversary, Rehearsal, Engagement, and Brunches with us. 

I am most proud of the faces I see continuously, the kind words, the amazing reviews, the chats with everyone, and the positive feedback—my heart is full.

Get To Know Me

One quote I truly live by now:

Be Kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle - Plato

Favorite Song this year: 

Have you ever seen the Rain - Creedence

Favorite Color: 


Favorite Food:


Favorite Place I have traveled to: 

Guanajuato, Mexico ( San Miguel de Allende)

Favorite Drink: 

Hierbabuena Ice Tea

Favorite Dessert:

 Coconut Flan

Merry Christmas, wishing you a day of Peace, Laughter, and Good Food. 


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