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New Fresh Gourmet Latin Menu, Seasonal Dishes in smaller portions

Hola Friends, 

We are excited to add some new fresh gourmet latin menu items to our existing menu, we created new seasonal dishes along with smaller options for your convenience.

You now have the option to order the same family style dishes you love in half orders.

The family style platters will still remain and not change; family style platters (2-4) people and half orders are a single serving.  The family style concept means that everyone can share selected items and be able to taste a variety of items.  

What's new on the menu : 


Jalapeno Poppers (4)

Queso Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers, Ranchero Bacon,Chili Lime Dipping Sauce. 

STREET TACOS (4)- served on corn tortillas

Barbacoa- succulent marinated beef in a guajillo sauce mildly spiced with a pineapple relish salsa. 

Papa Tacos ( Potato) - sauteed with roasted peppers, Queso Oaxaca, Queso Fresco, Salsa tatemada. (vegeterian) 

Nopal & queso -Grilled Cactus marinated with tomato, onion, with queso asadero, salsa verde more like a quesadilla (vegetarian) 

Rajas & queso- Pasilla Chiles grilled and chopped with a queso, salsa verde, more like a quesadilla . (vegetarian)


Cocina Molcajete-  Ancho Chicken Breast, Arrachera Grilled Steak, Margarita Shrimp Skewer, Charred Nopal, Panela, Guacamole, Chile Guerito, Salsa Tatemada. ( Serving 2-4)

Pescado Veracruzana-  Seared Ancho Lime Cod Fillet in a tomato, onion, caper, olive sauce served over spanish Cilantro rice.(Serving 1) 

Chile Verde- very tender slowly simmered pork in a  tomatillo green mild chili sauce

( family style or half)


Chorizo Beans

Sopa De la Casa: Soup of the day 

Albondigas, Posole Verde, Sopa Azteca

Ask your server on what is cooking in the Cocina

We can't wait to have you at your table soon !!

With gratitude,

Your Chef Adriana Dominguez


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