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Easy Empanadas

Empanadas; a timeless treat and staple across Latin cuisines. They are incredibly versatile and fun to experiment with, here are a few easy and delicious recipes for both savory and sweet empanadas.

Brown Sugar and cinnamon being placed to the side for empanadas.

Sweet Apple Empanadas

Peel and dice your apples into small chunks and add them to a bowl (squeeze lemon over the chopped apple).

Melt the piloncillo with cinnamon and butter in a small pot. Once liquified, pour the mixture over the apples and toss them together until you have a substantial coating.

Place the apples on the Goya dough and fold the dough over the contents. Press the edges of the dough to seal the empanada prior to being placed in the oven.

Apply your egg wash to the dough and then bake them at 350º until golden brown.

Top with powdered sugar and enjoy!

Pro-Tip: Serve à la mode to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tomatillo Mole Empanadas

  • Shredded Chicken

  • Tomatillo Mole

  • Egg Wash

  • Empanada Goya Tapa Dough

Add 5 boneless chicken breast and 3 cloves of garlic to Crock-Pot. Cook on low for approximately 4 hours.


Roast/blend tomatillos, garlic, onion, and cumin (salt to taste).

Lay out defrosted tapa dough on a baking sheet.

Place chicken on dough after having been shredded.

Top the chicken with mole and Monterrey Jack.

After folding the dough and sealing the contents, brush empanadas with the egg wash.

Bake at 350º until golden brown.

Top with avocado and queso fresco.

Pro-Tip: The best egg wash is a simple egg wash, just whisk two eggs with a tablespoon of water.

Picadillo Empanadas

We can't give you all the family recipes 😉so here are a few resources for making picadillo:

Take a look at our video to see the ingredients in action!

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