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Mexican Wedding Menu

Baked Chipotle Honey Salmon

Marinated in honey and chipotle rub then baked and served with a honey glaze.

Cilantro Lime Chicken Filets

Chicken breast filets marinated in fresh lime, garlic and chili flakes (Grilled and served
with a sweet chili lime sauce).

Chicken or Beef Fajitas

Marinated, grilled, and cooked with sweet peppers and onions.

Pork Chile Verde

Slowly braised and cubed pork sautéed and simmered in fresh tomatillo sauce. 

Pork Carnitas

Slowly braised in tomatillo juices then marinated and fried for a crisp texture
(tender and full of flavor).

Empanadas de camarones

Camarones, rajas, crema Mexicana & salsa.
Camarones al mojo de ajo

Shrimp sautéed in garlic butter and wine sauce.

Pescado veracruzana

Cooked with onions, tomato, mild chile, cilantro, garlic, green olives, cappers & fresh oregano.

Chili Colorado

Slowly cooked cubed beef (very tender) cooked in Guajillo & chile spices.

Bistec Ranchero

Marinated and simmered with sweet peppers, onions & tomato salsa puree.

Mole Poblano

Airline chicken breast in chocolate and signatures spices (bone in).

Enchilada Suizas

Shredded chicken marinated with tomatillo salsa and cooked with Oaxaca cheese (topped with tomatillo cream salsa).
Enchiladas Rojas

Shredded chicken marinated with tomato, garlic, cumin, salsa (Made with Oaxaca cheese & topped with fresh tomato salsa).

enchiladas Veracruz

Zucchini, grilled corn, black beans, tomato, sweet peppers & red onion (made with Oaxaca cheese and topped with a
tomatillo cream salsa).

Pollo Marina

Braised Airline chicken breast in a creamy chipotle sauce with mushrooms & onion (bone-in).

pollo alejandro

Chicken thighs sautéed with lemon and thyme; baked in a creamy garlic lemon sauce (bone-in).

Shrimp/ fish/ aHi

Mojo ceviche with fresh lime and citrus juices - topped with avocado. 

roasted potatoes


Carrots & zucchini

mexican street corn

spanish rice

cilantro  garlic rice

Two Salsa selections are included with our Gourmet Mexican menu.
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