* Indicates an appetizer being vegetarian
Ceviche or shrimp cocktail

avocado bruschetta*
With queso fresco

avocado chorizo bruschetta

picadillo meatballs
Ground beef, corn,
potato & olives.

mini potato tacos*
With salsa

guacamole & chip cups*

mini bean & cheese burritos*
With salsa

bean & cheese tostada bites*

Mexican grilled corn salad*
Wonton cups

sweet corn tamale cakes*

poblano & Oaxaca cheese tamale cakes*

7-layer dip cups

stuffed mini bell peppers*

bacon jalapeno poppers
Served with a sweet chili sauce.

carnita pineapple slider
With cilantro slaw

mini chicken tomatillo tacos
With salsa

mini chicken tinga tacos
caprese skewers
Mozzarella, tomato, basil & balsamic drizzle.

antipasta skewers
Mozarella, salami, pepperoni, olive & pepper.

gyro skewer

greek lamb tacos

italian bruschetta

spanakopita bites

italian meatballs

greek turkey meatballs
Traditional & more

Sweet & spicy
kielbasa skewers

ground chicken skewers
With chili lime

berry skewers*
With basil

fruit skewers*

gorgonzola, pear
& walnut crostini*
Traditional & more
Traditional & more
salsa bar with queso blanco