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Top 3 Wedding Menus

We are proud to provide a versatile collection of wedding menus and are dedicated to helping you select the perfect one for your special day!

We like to play with fusions and every menu is customizable, that being said, the number of options can be a bit overwhelming. Here are our top three wedding menus (over the last five years) and some of their most popular dishes to help you narrow down your selections.

(Listed are the most complimented and requested food items.

Most importantly, we want to provide something for everyone, including your gluten-free and vegetarian guests.)

Top 3 Wedding Menus intro graphic with chicken mole.

The 3 most popular dishes of our Gourmet Mexican catering menu.

The 3 most popular dishes of our Farm to Table catering menu.

The 3 most popular dishes of our Mediterranean catering menu.

Moving into 2022, we are only booking a limited amount of weddings. Please submit your inquiry (via our website) to secure your date and schedule your tasting consultation.

We look forward to making your day exceptional!

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