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Soup Season Is Here

There's nothing better than fall. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, there's chocolate everywhere…and soup. Mmm.

Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but one of my favorites is the abundance of delicious soups, whether it's a hearty pozole or a healthy caldo, packed with flavor.

Soups are more than just food in Mexican tradition. They have a sense of place. Soups are family and tradition. Some believe that Menudo can cure a hangover, while others say caldo is the perfect remedy for a stomach ache. Nothing can make you quite as cozy, that is for sure.

In 2019 Adriana provided the recipe for one of her favorite soups, her grandmother Marina's Albondigas. Click below to view the recipe and video.

This classic soup is a savory and balanced dish that belongs in everyone’s cooking repertoire, and is perfect for the season!

Staff Favorites

Adriana: Sopa Azteca

Chantelle: Zuppa Toscana with lots of kale and parmesan.

Drea: Red Pork Pozole with lots of hominy and garnishes.

Alex: Green Pozole with radish, onion, cilantro, salsa, and lime.

Yvonne: Albondigas!

Joe: Pozole Verde; topped with radishes, cabbage, cilantro, and green onion.


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