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Dietary and Allergy Restrictions

Events have many moving parts to consider and one that can never go unattended is the dietary restrictions of your guests. An estimated 10% of the US population has food allergies (according to the Food Allergy Research & Education organization) and here at Adriana’s Cocina we are able to help customize your menu to fit yours and your guest’s needs.

It is important to preemptively let your caterer know what adjustments need to be made to the planned dishes and we will send you an intolerance form to fill out and sign. Here are a few things to be mindful of when accommodating food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Authentic Mexican street tacos on a vibrant sarape.


Avoiding milk, cheese, and other dairy products is essential for any lactose intolerant guest - ingesting dairy products can cause them mild to severe discomfort.


Peanuts and tree nuts are common food allergies and it is important to know which nuts to avoid. Though peanuts are found frequently throughout Mexican and Italian cuisine, there are substitutes that can be used to ensure the safety of those with nut allergies.


Celiac disease affects only 1% of the US population but a notably higher amount of people are sensitive to gluten. Averting wheat, barley, and rye can be the difference between an alright and great meal!

Appetizers with hummus and Mediterranean veggies.


We our proud to provide meatless alternative entrees, sides, and appetizers for all of our menus. Some practice vegetarianism as a way to avoid triggering lingering food allergies, though it is usually for dietary and religious reasons.


Veganism excludes all animal based products (dairy, eggs, etc.) and recently the movement has gained traction for ethical and environmental reasons.

It is good form to request any allergy/dietary restrictions along with your event’s RSVP. Gathering these details sooner than later can save you a headache or two and the thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed by your guests.

Let us know if you have any questions that we can answer about ensuring your menu’s care towards allergy and dietary restrictions.


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