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Boutique Style

Hello friends,

Although we are limited to do what we do best, we are still working hard. I always like to remind my current and potential clients of my catering style and what we bring to the table.

We are a boutique family-style caterer; we are unique and stand out because we don't cater 10 weddings a month and never will. We give 110% to each event we cater, showing you exactly what you hire us for.

So let's chat about the difference between traditional vs. boutique style catering.

What is so special about boutique catering is that the menu is tailored to you! No matter your dietary restrictions, likes, dislikes, we can create a menu that is a perfect fit for your gathering. With Adriana's Cocina, each event starts with a personalized consultation to discuss the theme (it usually lasts about an hour), the guests of honor, and other essential details that will help create a lasting experience.

What flavors around the world do you love? Is there a particular cuisine style you prefer? What about dietary restrictions, ingredients to avoid, or to highlight? Then we want to get to know you and hear fun stories about your guests, unforgettable memories, and other ideas to inspire us to create a special menu—making the event even more unique.

Boutique style catering is more intimate, and every set-up design is different, and we put in the extra effort to have your wedding or event different than others.

I was married in 2014 and searched high and low for a caterer; I didn't want a set menu, the food served to be freshly made, and the seafood grilled on-site.

We create tapas, salsas, antipasto bars, unique, and always appreciated by the guests.

Lastly, we build everything on flavor and create cuisines from the Latin culture I grew up in; a lot of our inspiration comes from my family's diversity.

Mexican, Cuban, Italian, Mediterranean, Brunch (Latin inspired) Traditional (Latin inspired), and more!!

Please reach out for availability and any questions you may have; we are here to help.

Full service catering table set-up.


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