Bar Service

• Alcohol not supplied

• Four hour minimum

Silver Package

an hour

+ Consultation

+ Serving and Bussing     

Beer, wine & champagne services include bottle opening, drink serving and clean up.

+ Bar Table, Table Linen, and Accessories

Gold Package

an hour

+ Bartender      
Expert mixologist creates signature cocktails and mixed drinks.

+ Mixers
Syrups, juices, and soft drinks.

+ Water Station
Fruit-infused waters

+ Garnishes
Olives, cherries, limes, lemons, mint, basil,cucumbers, and rosemary are available at request.

+ Ice Tubs

+ Ice Delivery

+ Drinkware

Acrylic type tumblers


Host can pay an additional fee in lieu of gratuity jar
(estimate based on guest count)

Custom designed cups and napkins available
(estimate based on count)