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5 Tips To Better Salsa

There are few things better than a good salsa! 🌶 ✨

Here is my Molcajete Salsa recipe and a few of my favorite tips for preparing the perfect salsa for your Taco Tuesday or 4th of July celebration.

Salsa Fresca in a Mexican molcajete, surrounded by tortilla chips and avocados.


4 House Tomatoes

6 Tomatillos

1 Yellow Pepper, 2 Serrano

2 Garlic Cloves

1/4 or 1/2 white onion



On a lightly-oiled comal (or iron skillet), roast the Tomatoes, Tomatillos and Chiles until lightly charred. (Pro-Tip: swap House Tomatoes for Roma if you want a tangy twist) Once completed, set them aside on plate or bowl.

Using the same comal and white Onion (cut in 1/2), roast it until brown. After the Onion has cooled, chop into fine pieces.

Mince Garlic and toss with mashed Tomato.

Prepare the molcajete by lightly coating it with Olive Oil, adding 1 Tomato and Tomatillo at a time - grind until fully mashed. (Molcajetes are great because the grinding of certain herbs and peppers releases oils and flavors that chopping cannot provide)

After the chilis cool, chop and add them to the molcajete. When the main ingredients are mashed to the consistency of your liking, add salt and a dash of lime! I love to eat mine with some fresh slices of avocado, yummm!


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